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The Ribbon Bandit

What is it about ribbons and trimmings that makes me so nuts?  Clearly, looking at this wall, I have a bit of an addiction.  It's the color, the texture, the possibilities!  Cords, twines, strings, ropes, wires, fringe, pompom, sewing trims, embroidery floss, prize ribbons, upholstery trim, it's endless.  Beyond the giftwrapping application, which is clearly useful and important to us at the shop, I will swag ribbons like garlands just about anywhere, and the more the better.  I'm kind of like a festooning bandit, you always know when I've put my mark on a space - it's often draped with some sort of ribboning. I'm also the one you will catch picking up trails of ribbon scraps at baby or bridal showers and birthday parties - my kind of recycling!
I've often dreamt of having an entire shop just devoted to ribbon, if I thought there were enough others equally obsessed as I am.  But for now, I'll just cover one wall of our shop, and many other nooks and crannies of my life, with rolls and rolls of ribboned beauty.

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