1948 Wonder Bread Wax Wrap
1948 Wonder Bread Wax Wrap

1948 Wonder Bread Wax Wrap

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Uncovered in a room of a home that was dedicated to an authentic depiction of an antique grocery store, complete with cash register, signage and packaging, here we have an unused roll of Wonder Bread wax paper wrapping from 1948.  This roll was most definitely from one of the Wonder Bread factory locations, the most nearby being Hoboken, NJ.  One of the first makers of sliced bread, Wonder would wrap this wax sleeve directly around the loaf that you would purchase at your nearby grocer.

You will receive 8 bands of branding, approximately 1 yard, of wax paper.  In wonderful vintage condition with its original vibrant colors and classic dots.  Makes great wrapping or background paper for gifts, crafting or decorating.

Limited vintage stock.